TEFL International TESOL Certificate Course in China Testimonials

"An interesting and varied group with a wide range of experiences to offer to learning process. Well structured course. Overall I enjoyed the experience and I feel I learnt a lot. " - Maria Jones Zerfaoui

"The best thing about the course was : that it gave me the flavour of what teaching might be like. A pleasant and interesting month's course. "  -  Peter Hill

"I learned a good deal, and I will take my experiences here with me wherever my future endeavors take me." -  Everett Aponte

"The content is solid. Instructor was knowledgeable. Teaching methodologies current and comprehensive." -  Leah Lane

"The best thing about the course was: the quality of the teaching staff. A great experience both for learning and meeting people" -  Susan

"The best thing about the course was: smooth, easy going, trainee friendly. Amazing, excellent and confidence building"  -  GM

"The best thing about the course was the experience and comprehensive information I received throughout the course as well as the hands on experience with real English learners." -  Katie

"The best thing about the course was: what I have learnt and achieved in completing it. It has been a very valuable and worthwhile experience."  -  Julie

TEFL China - Beijing, Shanghai, Zhuhai

China since the last few decades is experiencing an economic boom. Globalization and westernization are the other two factors, which has also affected China, resulting to the need of knowledge of English language. The demand of ESL teachers in China is thus growing everyday, mainly due to the high population of this country. While pursuing the international TESOL course in China, the candidates will be able to get well acquainted with the exotic oriental culture and try their luck out in the immense ESL market.

TEFL International gives the future ESL teachers a chance to explore the beautiful cities of China. Beijing, Shanghai and Zhuhai are three major cities of China, each having a character of its own. Shanghai is one of bustling cities, truly regarded as the ‘Paris of China’ due to its wide shopping options. Beijing is a city brimming with culture and traditions and is endowed with some of the greatest remnants of ancient and medieval China. Zhuhai is a quiet city in comparison to Beijing and Shanghai, where during the TESOL course the candidates will be able to experience authentic Chinese lifestyle and culture.

With the de facto status of English as a lingua franca, the importance of TESOL/TEFL course has grown significantly. There is a growing need of second language English teachers in all non-English speaking countries. TESOL and TEFL are acronyms of ‘Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages’ or ‘Teaching English as Foreign Language’. These are synonymous terms, which is the lifeline of the ESL market. These two courses and an accredited TESOL certificate is one of the most important criteria for securing an ESL job across the globe. TEFL International, aware of the global need has dedicated itself to train more and more ESL teachers in China and other countries.

What you get in the TEFL course in China?
TESOL course by TEFL International is an internationally renowned course. TEFL International’ sincere effort, its dedicated academic team and dynamic curriculum helps the second language English teachers reach their goal of gaining success in the ESL market. While pursuing the TESOL course in China, the teachers are able to experience the culture and traditions of China thus avoid any culture shock later. The TESOL students will also be able to get an ESL job in the process.

TEFL China Fees
TEFL China, Shanghai Fees – 1490 USD Click here for details
TEFL China, Zhuhai Fees – 1390 USD Click here for details
TEFL China, Beijing Fees – 1590 USD Click here for details

Who should attend TEFL China Certificate Course?
The globally renowned TESOL course by TEFL International is open for all. Both native English Speakers and non-native English speakers can do the TESOL course. High school degree is the minimum qualification for being a part to the TESOL course program of TEFL International.

Jobs and Career in ESL
ESL opportunities around the globe are increasing everyday. TESOL jobs are available in South America, Europe, South East Asia and Africa. China is one of the biggest ESL markets in Southeast Asia due to its fast growing economy and huge population. The demands of ESL teachers in China are not just restricted to the schools but teachers are recruited in the institutes and corporate organizations.