Why China?

China is a beautiful, safe, and culture rich country with a booming economy and great infrastructure. Additionally, salaries offered to English teachers are amongst the highest paid in Asia. If you live like a local, you will surely be able to make a good living and save money.

What do I need to teach in China?

All you need is a passion to work with children and the dedication to make the move. The rest we can help with! 

What should I bring?

Just bring yourself. a few personal items, and most importantly your love for children and a willingness to change your life!

I worry that I will be working illegally...

We work with an established employer that has more than 200 branches throughout China, so you can be sure you will work legally in China with all necessary documents in place.

Do I need a degree in teaching?

No, whilst a degree in any field is preferred, it is possible to get an English teaching job without a degree as long as you come from one of the major English speaking countries.