Training and Certification

Practical Training

We offer practical hands-on training courses to equip the new and aspiring teacher with all the necessary skills and know-how to teach English to young learners in China. ESL teaching in China is a world apart from the traditional teaching methods we were used to.

All too often we get new teachers or teachers with “years of experience”, but when they come for a demonstration class they have no idea how to relate to young children or how to make their lessons funny and interesting.



Learn how to engage your class from start to finish and how to use warm-up activities, classroom management, reward systems, teamwork, and games to your advantage. Our affordable, practical training will help you to become the best ESL teacher you can be. 



Send your teachers to us for practical training and see the improvement in their teaching style and teaching skills. Your student / parent satisfaction will go up and you will surely attract more students. Its a win win situation for everyone!


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Select a date from the training schedule on the right and get in touch with us to secure a place. Click here to contact us with questions and enquiries.

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TEFL / TESOL Certification

To get the best chance of securing an EFL or ESL teaching position in China, it would be wise to invest in a relevant training course. We recommend at the very least a 120 hour TEFL online course from a reputable company. One such a company is ITTT, and from experience we can tell you that they offer excellent resources with support to match.

Their courses are well laid out, with supporting videos where needed. If you choose a course with tutor support, which we recommend, you can ask for help anytime you need it. You will also get constructive feedback whenever you hand in your tasks, with positive advise on where or what to improve on. 

All their courses are very affordable and great value for money. We have a special arrangement with them so if you click on the picture on the right, you will be able to secure yourself a 10% discount!

Go on, get yourself TEFL or TESOL certified right now…